Unhealthy Dieting Practices

In the past few people looked overweight and wanted to lose the excess weight. But the present scenario is completely opposite. It became rare to find a person looking fit and all others are looking for some methods to lose that extra weight. So many people started to look for various diet methods. Such methods are effective in the beginning but those methods lead to side effects which made them frustrated. Sticking to such a diet plan may lead to many health problems and illness. The sad part of this is that most people tend to go for unhealthy methods even though lots of healthy options are available.

Below is the list of some unhealthy diet methods:

Unhealthy Diet1: Sudden reduction of too much calories

Many people tend to do this to lose the excess weight. Cutting down 500 calories a day is much similar to starving. Calories are not the enemies of our body. Each and every human needs calories also. In fact calories are very important to support everyday activity. Your caloric requirements are determined by the weight on a daily basis. Further cutting down of the calories consumption leads to the slowing down of metabolism process. Also if your metabolism goes well then more calories will be burnt off in your body.

In this method the weight loss is achieved at the expense of your muscles in the body as your body breaks up the muscles to get the required nutrition. This dieting method leads to side effects like hypothermia and bone loss.


Unhealthy Diet2: Consumption of diet pills

In general many people wants to lose weight but without any hard work. So they go for using diet pills to lose weight quickly. But they do not realize the risks involved in the intake of the diet pills. These pills reduce the person’s appetite which makes him lose the interest on foods. This lasts for many days. These pills also causes heart attack on its consumers. Because of this, the FDA is taking these pills out of the market. None one will be looking to lose the weight at the expense of his own health.


Unhealthy Diet3: Believing and following fad diets

These diets have the habit of depriving a person from certain food groups. For example, few people opt for high protein and low carbohydrates diet. We can also find few people who completely avoid carbohydrates. Such people should understand that the food needed for the human body should come from various food groups and also they need to eat a balanced diet to keep their body in the top form. No healthy diet will stick to any particular set of food. More importantly it is very important to allow your body to have more types of food.

When choosing a diet plan you need to be sure of its health benefits. You cannot lose weight at the expense of your health.


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