Poker: Cash games or Tournaments?

Poker is money, communication in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere and impressions, which will be remembered for many years. Both the tournament series and the cash festivals perform all these functions, but in their own way. And there and there you can decently earn, feel like a real poker professional and taste all the delights of first-class service.

Cash festivals (like tournaments) feel quite confident. They, of course, are not as well known as some world series of poker free chips , but they still regularly gather a loyal audience of fans and many adepts of cash games.

So what is the fundamental difference between these two formats? Let’s understand together.

Poker series and tournaments.

The poker series is a rather long poker event (usually not less than a week), consisting of a whole series of tournaments and satellites . Organizers usually try to diversify the tournament schedule in order to attract as many players as possible.

In the poker series (or tournament), the player makes a buy-in to participate in the games . Such buy-ins usually make up a prize pool (they supplement the guaranteed sizes of prizes from the organizers).

Someone likes Omaha, someone Hold’em. Someone can afford only cheap tournaments, while others go exclusively for the sake of large prize pools. The main thing here is the choice . He is always. And yet it is important to keep the balance of “fast” (turbo) and “slow” (with deep stacks and smooth structure) events.

Most often, any poker series has one or more main tournaments : Main Event, High Roller and even some massive event. Naturally, the main event that forms the most impressive prize fund is always the highlight of the issue. Many people visit the series just for him.

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