Learn To Choose The Right Make-Up Foundation

Do you know how to choose the right make-up foundation? The answer is ofra cosmetics uk. Knowing how to do it is almost an art that very few people control. And it is not only by color or texture, but by the way we apply it, the light with which we do it and the final result. Therefore, I will tell you the factors that must be taken into account to choose well and buy the one that suits you.

50% of the success of the choice and outcome will depend on the state of the skin. So, as a previous step, it is essential to exfoliate to achieve a uniform appearance and moisturize to avoid cracking the foundation. The most expert may even use a fixative (whitening lotion that matches the skin) or an illuminator. Then comes the time to apply the foundation, although before we have had to choose from an infinity of formulas (light, covering, matte, satin …). It is then that we are attacked two fundamental doubts: how to get right with the color and what texture to choose .

The ofra cosmetics uk:

The key is to test the product on the clean face. I recommend you put several longitudinal samples of different tone in the lower part of the cheek and above the chin. The one that most resembles the skin of the neck must be chosen.

The textures:

  1. Emollient: they are ideal for dry skin or exposed to dry environments. There are three versions, and choose one or the other depends, basically, the one that is easier to apply.
  2. Fluid: it is the most sold. It offers a very natural result, but it is not the most covert formula. It is excellent for daytime wear.
  3. Cream: it is the most unctuous, since it is a water-in-oil emulsion. You can control your coverage, depending on the amount applied, making it perfect for a night makeup and also for mature skins.
  4. Mousse: curious texture that is transformed into foam thanks to its diffuser. It is very light, and the best candidates are young skins without imperfections. The negative thing is that it has a format that has hardly been commercialized in Spain.
  5. In bar or compact: in their origin, these bases were born to be used by the actors of theater or of cinema by its quantity of coloring pigments. Then they were very doughy and thick, but today their formulation has changed. They are lightweight products and the good thing is that they are still extremely overpriced, making them more suitable for the night and in the winter season. They can be applied in all skins, although it is not recommended in the very fats, by its high proportion of oils and waxes.
  6. Powder: the best choice for oily skins or with a persistent T-zone, absorbing excess fat and avoiding shifting of color and brightness. It is a mixture of makeup and powders that is applied with a sponge in a simple way. It is very subtle, is fast and can be touched (previously, you have to remove the grease with a tissue).

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