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Once you started to earn income from Adsense Account, then start to protect your account . Because if your adsense account is banned, it is difficult to reinstate your account.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to write a series of monographic articles on how to make more money with AdSense . My experience tells me that small changes in the configuration of AdSense blocks can bring large gains in earnings in the medium and long term (especially if we have many visits), so optimizing all aspects that influence it is basic If we want to make the most of AdSense .

Today I will talk about how to increase the CTR of Adsense:

  1. How to increase AdSense CTR .
  2. How to increase AdSense eCPM .
  3. How to Increase AdSense CPC .
  4. AdSense ads that pay the most .
  5. Where to place AdSense. Best locations .
  6. Make AdSense advertisers pay more .
  7. How to Make More Money with AdSense (Article compilation and conclusions).

Now let’s turn to the subject that we are dealing with in this first article: How to increase the AdSense CTR .

The first thing to consider before starting to optimize the CTR of our AdSense blocks is the level of “aggressiveness” advertising that we want to implement in our blog.

The more visible the ads are the more money we will earn, but we have to take into account that this can have negative consequences for the users experience on our site, for which it can become annoying so much and so visible publicity, leaving to visit Our site or even closing the window before reading our contents. On the other hand, with an advertising strategy too aggressive, we run the risk of losing position in Google,

Once we have determined the level of aggressiveness that we want to adopt in our site (if we have several sites, this does not have to be the same in all, and we better know the profile of visitors we have and how they can react to changes in our Advertising strategy) we are ready to take action and make changes to increase the AdSense CTR .

For those less related to this advertising system Google will say that is known as CTR to the number of clicks that the ads receive for every 100 page impressions . Obviously the more clicks our ad units receive the greater the chances of making more money, Although as we will see in future articles this is not the only scale that we have to optimize; However it should be the first.

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