Excessive Skin Reaction To Irritants

Sensitive skin is more susceptible to external factors and is characterized by excessive reaction to them. Sensitivity is inherent in certain types of Best Skin Care and has different degrees of manifestation. For example, the skin can be prone to redness and tingling, there may be a feeling of tightness, itching and even burning.

There are several types of sensitive skin

Sensitivity can be explained by several factors – both individual and their totality. Causes may be: features of blood vessels. Infrequent walls of blood vessels can be affected by external factors, for example, because of acute food or alcohol. environmental factors. Wind, dryness, cold or bad ecology may cause tingling or burning. contact with other substances. Some poorly tolerated skin substances can cause her reaction. For example, the skin can react to hard water.


To care for sensitive skin it is important to take several steps:

Gently cleanse the skin with aids that support the physiological balance of the epidermis

  • Use products for sensitive skin care
  • Use soothing tonic as the first step in the morning in order to refresh the skin, and as a means for removing makeup
  • Use thermal water with a high content of selenium
  • Use hypoallergenic cosmetics that moisturize the skin and reduce its sensitivity
  • For more information, contact your dermatologist .

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