Does Russian-Speaking Poker Go To Crypto-Currencies?

In the spring of this year, the cost of bitcoin, the first and most famous crypto currency in the world, began to grow rapidly against the backdrop of very favorable news (in Japan, for example, crypto currency was recognized as a payment instrument). In late May and first half of June, growth was the most aggressive in recent years, the price almost reached $ 3,000. It was during this period that the views of so many people with money were turned towards bitcoin.

And among them there were a lot of Best Online Poker Game players …

From January 1 to June 2017, the capitalization of the entire market has grown from about $ 17 billion to more than $ 100 billion. An unprecedented explosion. This has not happened in all previous years. A huge mass of money rushed into this niche. Unfortunately, many have been burned, and much (about this in more detail below).

Poker, as you know, is not in the best shape. And it’s gently said. To a much greater extent, this applies to online poker, where there are fewer and fewer players, and more regular players. Yes, it can be seen from the actions of the same PokerStars. Remember at least a new loyalty program – Chests . Poker is not the same.

That is why many people saw in a new niche, at least an additional source of income, and at most a new way of earning in principle. At Gipsy T eam , a whole section devoted to crypto-currencies quickly grew up , players are keenly interested in an unusual discipline.

Poker spoke in a new language

Starving for super profits, Russian-speaking players quickly began to master trading bitcoin and other currencies / tokens. Just in this period, the ICO boom has also started (if very roughly, it’s something like croweding with the release of “shares” (tokens) of a certain project: investing some amount, in return, you get tokens). This further deepened the interest of people with money .

Now it became clear that ICO is quite a dangerous thing. Many projects received hundreds of millions of dollars just for the idea. And who wants to do something after that? Why release a product when you have already earned such money?

Now ICO is trying to pacify the US authorities and this is likely to succeed. That in general is very good.

But we are not talking about this now.

Poker players have a lot of cash. For them, crypto-currencies are an excellent opportunity to multiply their wealth. On the forums about poker suddenly began to talk about SegWit, about exchanges, about mining (another big topic, which we will not touch now). They began to ask about where to buy bitcoin and where to trade better. And people who were engaged in the exchange of currencies through payment systems, quickly added to their services cue ball.

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