Diet hCG – Does It Contain A Pregnancy Hormone?

There are today words that cause such a desire to finally lose weight and with the speed of light, so it’s “Diet hCG”, A pregnancy hormone HCG diets . However, if you start looking for information on the Internet, you will find there a wave of rumors, intimidation and confusion on this issue. Why?

The truth is simple – if something works, and the concrete results are visible, this will cause two main reactions:

Begin to copy the product to “follow the trend,” and not always in the most responsible manner.

Officials who were not sufficiently accountable to verify all the facts rush to disclaim responsibility and warn the public that they do not fully understand, or that does not fit into a certain category.

What is true is that everyone agrees that this is the fastest diet for weight loss that exists today – up to 15 kilograms for 40 days. A big promise, is not it? Is there any truth in this?

This article talks about one of the most basic questions related to this diet, namely:

Does it include the acceptance of a human hormone?

Initially, a British doctor who worked in a private clinic in Rome, developed his diet with HCG injections (HCG in English) – a human hormone that is taken from a pregnant woman. Even today, if someone wants to know if a woman is really a child, the presence of hCG in the body is checked, which is released naturally during pregnancy by the placenta.

when the hCG is in the body, the brain is instructed to provide the fetus with all the resources necessary for a successful pregnancy. This includes the discovery of fat stores that have remained closed so far, and the beginning of their use as a meal. It’s amazing, is not it?

A private study conducted by diet doctor conducted for about 40 years, showed that this is indeed the case . If the body detects the presence of HCG, it opens up fat stores that were not available for burning earlier in any other way, and begins to eat them. From there also come all the vitamins and minerals that are needed for the body during pregnancy, and therefore, during the diet.

And when you combine hCG with the exact menu (500 calories per day), in the same way as Dr. Simmons found and honed in 16 years, the body burns fat in the amount of 500 grams on average per day. In addition, the volumes will be reduced at a rate of one centimeter per kilogram.

Dr. Simeons used in the fifties to the seventies a real human hormone in the form of injections. Since the seventies, there has appeared an alternative in the form of homeopathic drops – a method in which the original material is dissolved to such an extent that almost nothing remains of it, but the activity is only intensified. These drops almost no longer contain the human hormone, but nevertheless produce excellent results.

Today in Israel, a plant called Tivon Biotech, licensed by the Ministry of Health for food products, produces a plant spray based exclusively on seaweed. This spray is a vegetable alternative to the action of hCG. This is a unique discovery of the plant and it does not contain a hormone at all – only algae!

Conclusion – The hCG diet in Israel Does not Contain the Human Hormone.

In conclusion, if you buy a hCG diet package in Israel, just check that the spray that comes with the kit is a plant food supplement from Tivon Biotech, and you can rest assured that it does not contain a human hormone and that it is manufactured from permission of the Israeli Ministry of Health.


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